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Interview with Scott Young

Unforgettable - that's the best way to describe Scott Young's 2000-01 campaign. That's the season Young became a 40-goal-scorer - an individual accomplishment the Blues wouldn't see again for another six seasons.

Aside from getting to the net, the winger also recorded 33 assists that year, helping lead St. Louis to the Western Conference Final. There, he would top off his dream season with a game-winning overtime goal against Colorado for the only win the team saw in third round.

The three-time-Olympian was acquired by the Blues in 1998, initially spending four seasons with the club before returning for his final season in 2005. In total, he tallied 253 regular season points in the Blue Note.

We caught up with Young from his home in Boston to reflect on his epic season and find out how he's gotten back to his roots since retirement.


BLUES: Not many players achieve a 40-goal season. What was that 2000-01 campaign like for you?

YOUNG: It's a year I'll never forget, because we had a heck of a hockey team. And of course to reach that individual goal was great. I really clicked with Pierre Turgeon. He was a heck of a playmaker. I just remember having to get my stick on the ice and he was going to find me. We just had great chemistry, and it's something I'll always look back on and be proud of.


BLUES: St. Louis is where you spent a good portion of your professional career. It's also where you had your best individual season and where you retired from the game. Do you have a favorite memory from your time here?

YOUNG: There are so many good memories there. The people I met outside of hockey were tremendous people. And the support from the fans…I'm from Boston where the fans are pretty harsh to their own players. I hear it on the radio every day. St. Louis was just different… very supportive through thick and thin. And even though it isn't a great memory because it was tough, the fact that we got so close playing against Colorado in the Conference Final…we felt like we really had the team that year to win the Stanley Cup. The feeling in the city that season was just electric.


BLUES: You're now an assistant coach at Boston University, where you played collegiate hockey. What's it like to be coaching where it all started?

YOUNG: It's really a lot of fun. It's extremely busy…there's a lot that assistant coaches have to do in college hockey, because it's not like pro hockey where scouters scout and coaches coach. Coaches scout, breakdown film and coach. They deal with players and their grades, behavior and admissions. But it's really a lot of fun to work with these players and watch them get better. They're elite players. We have four first-round draft picks on our team right now. So you know that these players have a really good chance of playing in the NHL, so to be able to work with them and develop the relationships is extremely rewarding.


BLUES: With most of your focus on college hockey, do you still keep up with the Blues?

YOUNG: I do, but it can be difficult with how busy we are, but I do pull for the Blues. I brought my son out to Game 5 last year in Chicago and got to see [Kelly Chase] the night before, and a lot of the staff. Obviously they won that series, and I was pulling for them to win the Cup. I'm dying to see the Blues win the Cup. No fan base deserves it more, especially now that the Cubs fans got theirs!


BLUES: Now that you've been coaching for a while, how do you think will it feel to switch roles and be a player again at the Winter Classic Alumni game?

YOUNG: I can't wait for it! I love playing still. Anytime I can play for charity or anything like that I do. I even sometimes suit up for the Bruins Alumni out here even though I never played for the Bruins. I just love playing and getting back with the guys and back in the locker room. Being a big event like this….it's going to be a blast. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it!


Originally published on https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/where-are-they-now-scott-young/c-284895016

Written by: Ashali Vise

December 21st, 2016

Scott Young

Scott Young at charity event